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About Us

SwissFlock International Co., Ltd.—Flock, Tape and service around China & East Asia

SFI is Joint Venture manufacturing company since 2004 and our headquarter-SwissFlock AG. is located in Emmenbrucke, Switzerland.

At SFI, we are building on the technical knowledge that has been transferred from our associate companies. This allows us to consistently provide high quality products to satisfy the needs of our customers. We specialize in delivering technically demanding products to the automotive market.

We are known for providing technical service to customers, to assist them with finding solutions for their flocking & tape apply processes.

The most valuable products and service is our commitment.

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No.135,Kangjia Road CN 215314 Zhoushi,Kunshan,Jiangsu,China
Tel:0512-57644688 Fax:0512-57644188